I just received an email from my 23 year old self. It’s as surprising and awkward as it sounds.

I just got a weird email I wasn’t expecting, titled simply “Five Year Letter”.

It was from me.

I was a bit confused and opened it and read the introduction from FutureMe.org,The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 4 years, 11 months and 30 days ago, on September 24, 2009. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org.”

Oh, wow. What the hell made me write this?  I must’ve been bored at work or something.

I read on….

The Letter:

Dear FutureMe,
What’s up man? How’s it been going? 5 years later… damn, you are getting old. You’re what, 28 now? Damn, son! Lol. How’s life though? Still trading? Hopefully, you’ve made some real cash by now. 5 years of hard work should have paid off, so I hope you actually put the work in during these past 5 years. If you ain’t got a mil yet, you should be close, at least…. Still at Kershner? Probably not, huh? Where are you? At Assent? Are you even still in Austin? Austin is a cool town. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, if you’re still here. How are the ladies treating you? Hopefully you’ve had a couple different girlfriends in the past 5 years. Maybe you’ve even found one you really like/care about – I mean damn, you are 28. Lol. Yeah, I’m sure you’re doing fine on that front, especially if you’ve been making money, which you probably have. Man, I really hope you got some cash in the bank – a few zero’s on the end at least. You always said you could be a millionaire by 28, and I know you can. What else have you been up to? How’s that left foot feeling that you broke 5 years ago? I’m sure it’s fine. You’re probably running and playing basketball on it all the time now. Oh, that’s another thing – have you been keeping in shape? I hope so, save all that beer drinking after work for when you’re married and need time away from the wife. Lol. What happened to the old Altima? What are you driving now? A Lex, Benz? I’m curious to know…. How’s the old Chevy doing by the way. Still got it I hope. Hopefully you have a house in Austin or something by this point, paying all that rent gets old. That is, if you’re still in Austin. Man, what’s going on with George Young? I really hope he’s seen some real success by now. That boy is too dope. I wish everyone the best. How’s your parents doing? And, what about Nathan? He’s 25 now, probably making that engineering paper, ehh? That’s wasup. What’s everybody else up to? How’s my boy Patrick doing? He’s in Port Folk, LA about to leave for Afghanistan as I’m writing this. I hope he was safe over there and made it back in one piece and finished school and is doing whatever he wants to do by now. How’s everybody else: Karl? Sam? Zach? Verick? Isbell? BWilliams? Gregor? Trey? Matt? Mike? David? My boy, Victor, what’s he up to these days? Man, 5 years, that’s a long time. You’ve been out of college for 6 years now, bro. I really hope you’re making the most of it. You’re too smart and goal oriented not to be. You always were a hustler, so keep hustling, keep grinding. What’s my boy Joe Price up to these days? Yeah, yeah, I know I’m all over the place, but it is what it is. Twitter and Facebook still around? Or are they long gone? Anyway, I guess I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. Tell your parents I love them and keep ya head up, homie. Baller, baller, lol. Do what you do.

My Response

Ok, first off, does FutureMe not allow formatting, or do you just not know how to use paragraphs?

Second, I’m not old. 28 is still young, damn it.

Life is great. No, I’m not still trading. Man, you actually really thought I would be a millionaire by now, huh?  Ha. You’re a funny guy. Well, sorry to burt your bubble, youngster, but I’m not. And, no I don’t have a Benz or a Lexus. Man, the things I cared about at 23 are vastly different from what I care about now. Actually, I don’t even have a car – and I haven’t had one in over 3 years since I sold the Altima and left Texas.

So, umm, no, I’m not still in Austin. I left probably about a year after  you wrote this. Since then, I spent another year in Houston. Then, a year in Boston. Then a couple years split between London, Singapore, Malaysia and Tokyo, and about a year in Taipei. Yes, Taipei. It’s in Taiwan. 23 Year-Old Me, you probably couldn’t even find Taiwan on a map. Ha!

“How are the ladies treating you? Hopefully you’ve had a couple different girlfriends in the past 5 years. Maybe you’ve even found one you really like/care about – I mean damn, you are 28. Lol.”  Hahaha, you’re a funny guy, Younger Me. But, this is probably the only thing you actually predicted well…

Moving on…

Oh, it was the left foot I broke! Ok. Actually, I was thinking about this other day, but I couldn’t remember which foot I broke 5 years ago. I guess it’s fine then…

Actually, I am in pretty good shape. Better shape than you, Mr. 23 Year-Old Who Sits in Front of The Computer All Day, that’s for sure. But, no I don’t run or play basketball much anymore. Nowadays, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s pretty cool, because I can train while I travel as well. There’s BJJ gyms all over the world. So, far I’ve trained in 4 different countries and even competed in 2 of them.

Everybody you mentioned is doing fine. A couple of them are married now. George just released his latest project, Ventage, and of course, it jams.

Oh, and yes… Facebook and Twitter are still around. Actually, they’re even bigger than they were 5 years ago.

Fun stuff. Maybe I should keep the chain going and write to myself again 5 years into the future?

Yeah, why not?

I’m not posting that here though….  At least not for another 5 years.

23 Year Old Me, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Co.

23 Year Old Me, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Co.