The SmartboxA4 app is an iPhone/iPad app which accompanies the Gigastone SmartBox A4 devices allowing users to store data on an SD card and stream to and from multiple devices over a Wi-Fi connection.

App Store Link:

Project overview: Objective-C, Carthage

My role: Sole engineer contracted by Gigastone to fix some bugs and update the SmartboxA4 app to be compatible with iOS 10

  • Add Carthage to the project to manage third party libraries; updated third party frameworks
  • Built a native QR code reader
  • Rebuilt the voice recorder screen and functionality
  • Updated project to be compatible for the release of Xcode 8 and iOS 10
  • Deleted hundreds of instances of deprecated code
  • Refactoring
  • Debugging
  • Managed TestFlight and App Store submissions of app version 1.3.27