How to Develop REAL Passion (The Fear of Success)

Do you have real dreams? Do you really want them?

I’d argue that you don’t.

What do you have in life?

Give it up. All of it.

Lose all of your possessions. Lose all of your friends. Estrange a few family members.

Go to zero.

You have to.

You have to be willing to.

That’s real passion.

That’s the difference between real success and pretend success.

Be homeless. Sleep in the streets. See what the bottom feels like.


Fail again.

Feel like shit.

Go through depression.

Consider suicide. (But, don’t do it – that’s the easy way out.)

Come out of that.

Come from the real bottom.

Day by day. Chip away.

Stay focused.

Your goals, your current practice is the only thing that keeps you sane.

So you work at. Everyday. Day by day. Bit by bit.

Until you’re better at that one thing than everybody else is.

That’s real success.

Are you scared of it?

3 thoughts on “How to Develop REAL Passion (The Fear of Success)

  1. Look…I get the point you’re trying to make here. It takes a lot of time, effort, struggle, pain, suffering, and countless other attributes to become a successful individual. I completely agree with that point and feel that it’s a wonderful mantra to live by. That said, under no circumstances would I ever recommend someone driving themselves to the point of considering suicide in pursuit of success. We are humans, not machines. We have traits including an inherent will to succeed that doesn’t require activation from a morbid stimulus such as the consideration of taking one’s own life. To suggest otherwise is both shameful and a disservice to the human psyche.

  2. @ Tim:
    I feel like William was more saying that you have to be willing to go there. For some people, as I am sure William knows, find success without all of this “training.” I know I have met moderate success without ever being homeless, or depressed (paranoid is a whole different issue), even when I have thought that I wouldn’t. But we really have no idea what success really is until we see what it is not.

    A while ago I had three major things in my life all within four days. Band tryouts; a major, major paper (which due to the inadequacies of the teacher didn’t actually ever count for anything, but oh well, it was only a six month long project); and Science Olympiad, all in the same week. But everything went great. That was when I realized I could do more. So I started more. And I have now adapted and learned to allow more important things to be in my life. I don’t just sit around all day. I “work.” And I figure I can still do more.

  3. Agreed!! Failure builds your stress capacity…., the higher your stress capacity is the more you can take on the more you handle leads you to the next level, (The game of life) Matters of success are just levels each person has or hasn’t reached yet,…”Failure is the Cheat Code”

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