Write With Me. Learn With Me.

I’ve decided to invite a few of you all to join me…

If you saw my post last week, you know that I’m now focused on sitting down and writing everyday. This includes doing the following:

  1. Writing 3 pages of uninterrupted thought (The Morning Pages)
  2. Copying out by hand some of my favorite and/or best performing blogposts and articles

The idea for step 1 comes from Julia Cameron who I learned about through Masa Matsumoto when I interviewed him about his life and travels.

The idea for the second step comes from my experience copying ads by hand with Derek Johansen’s CopyHour course. If you want to learn how to write copywriting: advertisements, sales letters, or just interested in internet marketing, email lists, and squeeze pages – I highly recommend you check his course out.

But, if you’re interesting in what I’m doing now – becoming a better writer/blogger, then I’ve decided to share my daily structure though a 30-day email program. It’s free to sign up and allows you to learn along with me. It’s basically just my swipe file of 30 articles and blogposts.

But if you want to practice your writing/blogging and don’t know where to start, then feel free to tag along.

This could also help if you are an English-is-a-2nd language speaker. Since everything included are blogposts and articles it’s basically nonfiction and written in more of a spoken voice. (Rather than the literary prose and long descriptive sentences of fiction writers).

Write with Me

Write with Me

A quick disclaimer though: don’t sign up if you get offended easy.

Most of the swipe file comes from blogs. Some from articles. Almost all authors are good at arguing a point. Some you may not agree with. That’s fine. The point is to learn. Not agree with everything. But, I will say this: almost all of the articles and posts I have included are written from a male voice. Meaning they are mainly male authors and may touch on subjects such as sex or politics from a male point-of-view.

Why? Because I write with a male voice. From a male perspective. So, these are the guys I want to learn from.

So, if your sensibilities get all offended from reading controversial pieces. Or if you get bothered just by hearing names such as Christopher Hitchens or Roosh V, then simple… don’t sign up. Don’t learn with me. The course isn’t for you.

That said…. if you’re still here and you are interested in learning how to crank out well-performing blogposts, or structure well-written arguments, sign up here and join me for the next 30 days.

Join Me 



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